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COM; Batman; Arkham Asylum; Command Cheat Codes


COM; Batman; Arkham Asylum; Command Cheat Codes


  1. So I tried out codes from City and Origins and see if they work in Asylum too… Some work, some don't, some seem to work but have no effect. I tried using Arkham Knight flying style code. The game does seem to have that code (when the game doesn't have a code you write there, it says unkown which it didn't say for this code). However whichever number I use Batman seems to glide in same speed or style when I glide from Arkham Mansion… So what does that code do in Asylum? When I use 999999999999999 (too big number) the game crashes with Batman making death sound when I try to glide. So it has something to do with gliding but does what?

  2. Can Joker from the Play as Joker DLC (after being modded and put in PC version) used in Story Mode using the LoadPC Playable_…. code?

  3. I missed the old days where u can use cheats for almost every action games without restrictions like starting the game with max xp and shit or gain invincibility whn the game is getting too hard etc lol

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