Home Playstation Games Alien Isolation Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – Ripley (PS4)

Alien Isolation Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – Ripley (PS4)


Alien Isolation Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - Ripley (PS4)


  1. I suggest that They should make another game just like this one and same as Friday the 13th game, except for Jason or Alien…. Make it "NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET with you alone as you try to stay awake, then if you pass out asleep, your friends must awake you. But that's not all, If you're too deep in sleep, you have 2 choices. First to survive and awake yourself before Freddy finds and kills you or If Freddy tries to kill you, You can use your items to awaken yourself and bring him into real life and awaken. But then if you bring him into real life by awakening yourself as you hold onto him. Then you got to kill him before he can find a way back into the nightmare relm where he is unbeatable and immortal. So, that way it's another 3rd person game and another horror game combined, please comment my idea and pass it on because it would be great to try and survive in 3rd person view with Freddy Krueger in real life and in 1st person where you are asleep.

  2. "Alien: Isolation" is one of my all-time favorite video games. I adore its atmosphere, locations, sounds, everything!!!
    I just hope they will make a sequel or spin-off

  3. Ripleys message at the opening credits and that chilling music perfectly set the pace for the horror you were about to face.

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