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Ps3 Psn password change?


I tried logging into the PLAYSTATION NETWORK but was told I had the wrong password, I then went to forgot password and entered my birthday to which I was told was invalid (definitely not as I have no need to enter fake information)

I then called the Sony helpline to get everything sorted, after confirming my identity they asked for an alternative email address. They gave me a REFERENCE NUMBER and told me an email would be sent to this address within a few hours, it is now 2 DAYS LATER.

Has anyone dealt with this problem before or know of something I may be overlooking?

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  1. go to the login screen and just put in a new password in both spots it asks and ull sign on.they rest everyones password so you dont have to remember your old one

  2. We have the same problem on the last part, the not receiving email. It’s gonna say “Your Password Is No Longer Valid, Please Change Your Password” “An E-Mail Has Been Sent to *” Then there’s nothing. Help?

  3. you were likely either hacked with all the other accounts, or its because the network was down temporarily for maintenance. they probably have a huge backlog of other people with the same issue they have to take them as they come.

  4. Well I didn’t know my password either so what I did was I went to my ps3 and pressed forgot password and it sent me to my email. *@live.com then I clicked on it ( I think it sent me to ps3.com and changed my password well that was a long time ago I hope it helps

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