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PS Vita/ PS3 help on PSN store?


I wanted to know if either PS vita’s psn store had psp games for free, or if the psn store on the ps3 had free psp games so i could transfer them to the vita, PLLLLZZZZ answer soon

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  1. No , there are only 175 psp games that are psVita compatible and none are free or ever will be.

    The motorstorm R/C game mentioned in the other answer is not free unless you buy it for playstation 3. certain cross-play supported games ( these games are playable against ps3 and psVita players ) are free for the one of the two consoles if you buy it for the other console first , these are the games motorstorm R/C and Hustle kings , with the game wipeout 2048 for psVita if you own the game wipeout HD on ps3 you get the dlc that adds the ps3 tracks free later when it releases on Vita , if you don’t own the ps3 game the dlc will not be free to add support to play against ps3 players.

  2. There are no free PSP games on the PSN store. Motorstorm RC is free for the Vita – that’s the only free full game for the Vita that I know of.

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