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Need help on Ps3?


Why does ps3 have a hard drive and which one is better (30,60,80,) and does ps3 play ps1,ps2 games thanks

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  1. All Models(even 40GB) can Play PS1 games


    -No Backwards compatibility for PS2 games

    -2 USB slots

    -Not SACD compatible

    -No memory card readers

    -Has WiFi

    -Cost $400

    60GB and 80GB

    -Backwards compatible with PS2 Games(60GB though hardware, 80GB though software)

    -4 USB slots

    -SACD compatible

    -Memory card readers(Compact Flash, SD, Memory Stick Pro. DOSE NOT HAVE ‘Smart Media’)

    -Has WiFi

    -60GB discontinued, 80GB cost $500


    -Backwards compatible with PS2 Games though Hardware

    -4 USB slots

    -SACD compatible

    -No memory card readers

    -No WiFi



    -does not exist

  2. PS3 games waste a lot of hard drive space by putting information on it to reduce load time. You should get the 60, unless you don’t have a computer and you want to put music, videos, and pictures on it. But why would you do that, since you obviously have a computer.

  3. The PS3 has a hard drive so it can store information on it such as games, music, videos, and photos. there is no 30gb hdd, only 20, 40, 60, and 80. The 20 is discontinued and the worst of the four. if you care about bc (backwards compatibility which allows it to play ps1 and ps2 games), then you should get the 60gb (not manufactured, but im sure you could find one still) because it has the highest bc rate (99%) if not get the 40 since it is the cheapest but doesn’t have memory card readers and only 2 usb ports. if you want the bc, 2 extra usb ports and the memory card readers, then you could get the 80. otherwise, just save 100 bucks and use it towards games.

  4. The PS3 has a hard drive so you can store videos, pictures and music on there and watch/listen to it. Also your game saves straight onto the hard drive meaning no memory cards.

    Obviously the 80Gb is the best in terms if memory, but Im happy with my 60Gb, which BTW can play any Ps2/Ps1 game.

    The only PS3 that cant play Ps2/Ps1 games is the 40Gb version.

  5. The hard drive is so that you can save video games. Download video trailers and demos from the Playstation Store. You can also transfer your photos and movies to the hard drive and watch/view them on the PS3. There is no 30GB PS3. The ones available are 20GB but this one is discontinued and so is the 60GB. The 40GB which is the latest model, this one does not play PS2 games. It only plays PS1 games. And last but not least the 80GB model, this one is almost the same as the 60GB it plays PS1 and PS2 games. The best model would be the 60GB but if you can’t find that one get the 80GB so you can play PS2 games. that is if you have some. If not then get the 40GB.

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