Home Videos Madden 15 gameplay Seahawks vs Niners (PS4)

Madden 15 gameplay Seahawks vs Niners (PS4)


Madden 15 gameplay Seahawks vs Niners (PS4)


  1. doesn't look that much better then one on the ps3 and xbox 360 versions. the only game so far that really stands out for next gen consoles that you can actually see a real diff in is nba 2k14 so far. but then again is what happens when one gaming developer has all the right to one franchise with no competition, they can drag their feet.

  2. 4:16, I have to disagree. Are you serious? "Stay connected", "Fall in a realistic fashion." No way. That tackle looked horrible. Please watch an NFL clip of a kick return gang tackle or any gang tackle for that matter, then watch this footage again. I'm sorry. You can't tell me that this is realistic. I can't believe you can look at that tackle and not see what is really lacking and speak on it. Some things don't change, but I guess people do.

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