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Kung Fu Panda (The Video Game) – Part 1


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English Title: Kung Fu Panda
Platform: Microsoft Windows 7, Wii, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS
Played on: PlayStation 3
Developer: Luxoflux (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360); Beenox (PC); XPEC Entertainment (Wii, PlayStation 2); Vicarious Visions (Nintendo DS)
Publisher: Activision
Genre(s): Action-adventure
Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer

The game revolves around Po, a giant panda who dreams of becoming a great kung fu fighter. Unfortunately his weight and clumsiness makes this ambition seemingly unattainable. However, soon he finds himself going on a journey to save the land from an evil snow leopard named Tai Lung. But also joining the fray are the forces of the Great Gorilla, Tai Lung and the Wu Sisters’ wolves, the Boar Gang, Imperial Golden Croc Gang and the Lang Shadow Army, bent on capturing the Jade Palace’s treasures. Also, unlike the film, the Furious Five are captured by various gangs only to be saved by Po.

Recording Device use to record this video:
– AVerTV DarkCrystal HD Capture Station C874

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Kung Fu Panda (The Video Game) - Part 1


  1. holy crap! the game looks fun, AND it makes me want to finally buy the third movie! are the other games any good? i honestly didn't know there were any but that newer one until today.

  2. Wow! I'm not even playing it, and I still thought this game is a better improvement over the Wii version. I didn't even like the Wii version all that much, but I still think this game is my childhood.

  3. OMG wish i can play this game in 2008.. my pc was way too shitty at the time, living with integrated graphics and can't even play the game… Sign

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