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Kinect Sports Rivals Official Review Xbox One


Kinect Sports Rivals Official Review Xbox One


  1. it's very fast is very fast it's very fast. you're too boring just the fact that I have to listen/look to/at you is too much for me. lol

  2. Uhhhh you are using NODE intro you know they can actually sue you for that if you did not ask for permission?

  3. What happened to boxing, stupid next gen ideas. Kinect Sports shits all over this games, kinect sports was so much better.

  4. I need to get the online achievements for this game. If your looking for a challenge add my gamer tag. Green928

  5. Thanks for your videos Kinect Addict.
    Apart from Kinect sports Rivals, do you know any other full kinect car racing games? Like i saw there was Forza 5 for xbox 360. Something for younger folks…. no fighting, violence.
    Had i known getting good games with full kinect use on Xbox one, would be this hard i would have gone for xbox 360 for my kids. It has some much titles… like i saw this Michael Phelps swimming Simulation game (Push the limit)…. Awesome.

  6. they should make more kinect games, maybe even a Wii type control that comes in a pack of four (rechargeable) ! this would be great :)

  7. Video suggestion please do Brunswick pro bowling on Xbox one and show all the animations in quick play mode and all the alleys

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