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Halo Wars 2 E3 Gameplay – Banished [Xbox One Gameplay]


Halo Wars 2  E3 Gameplay - Banished [Xbox One Gameplay]


  1. I want a god damned army what the fuck am I going to do about 60 to 80 units and when some units are worth 4 pop count this is bullshit no RTS game in history will ever have the size and scale of Supreme Commander if your going to give an army fucking give me an army

  2. I hate that so many people are giving this game bad reviews just cause they cant figure out how to win a game. Lol its not that hard if you've played the original.

  3. Like the fact that the way it plays is exactly as HW 1 I just wana know how much more things have change or hoping this game has more stay power than the last one cuz i loved the last HW but sadly it didnt stick much

  4. Wow a graphic up date yay. Its not like new units a better combat system or any thing were needed. This just goes to show, if it looks pretty anyone will buy it.

  5. So bloody excited for this game. I can't wait for vicious battles against the worthless humans once again >:D

  6. Graphics are shit im one of those guys who enjoys a good battle scene halo wars looks a lot better than this game. They add new shit but design it to look like a childs cartoon how boring ill be buying a whole new pc with the full set of total war before this game inless they manage to save there design

  7. I watched this and had the realization that I've already seen this match play out from the blue players perspective on IGN
    lol no wonder you weren't having an easy time cause the teal player was Ryan McCaffrey from IGN

  8. Halo wars 2 is going to be out in the same month as my birthday,i know what i am getting for B-Day LOL

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