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Brink: Walkthrough Part 1 [Resistance Mission 1] – Let’s Play (Gameplay & Commentary)


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Brink: Walkthrough Part 1 [Resistance Mission 1] - Let's Play (Gameplay & Commentary)


  1. Dear fucking GOD, this looks lame… Even for Bethesda. I'm sure I'll scroll down the comments and see people sucking it off out of brand loyalty, though.´╗┐

  2. With a better campaing and story telling this game would be epic.
    The art is amazing and gameplay fun. A great idea bad executed.´╗┐

  3. i miss the old gaming days the days before ps4 i loved those days The best decade of games was back then The 360 and Ps3 era was the best on gaming history I loved those games that Had actual meaning instead now we get The basic zombie shooter or Open world kill game no Meaning or story Something Games back then did not lack people Crave graphics amd Want a game That Exceeds the normal with graphics But these games had meanings i miss going on my 360 and On my moms Xbox live getting demo after demo and loving those games I miss when skyrim came out a trademark game Of 2011 Brink was one of my first last gen shooters i have respect for it When the ps4 came out i knew new gen would not be as good as last
    But thats my opinion im just a dude who loves Last gen´╗┐

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