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Killzone Shadow Fall – Launch Trailer | PS4


Killzone Shadow Fall - Launch Trailer | PS4

Guerrilla Games breaks the mold and delivers the best core Killzone game to date, all in time for PlayStation 4’s launch.

Killzone: Shadow Fall - Review


  1. Alright,If I don't get to play as Echo in the next game and burn the ISA to the ground I'm done with Killzone.

  2. awesome awesome game!…the only gripe i have with this game is its damly impossible to achieve the almighty platinum trophy!:)…great melee kills, fun multiplayer, they throw some futuristic technology in there, imo its beautiful!:)

  3. Complaining about the story in a AAA shooter is like complaining about a using a fork for soup like the game it knows what it's made for and having a good story or eating soup isn't what it's made for

  4. Worst killzone and shooter i have played in many years..obnoxious level desing, garbage shooting mechanincs, awful enemy ai, shallow characters, worst voice acting i've heared in years and a weak story. 3/10 and i'm generous.

  5. u know what will b really cool is if d Killzone: Mercenary makers would just convert & add all d battle maps from all d previous versions of killzone into Killzone: Mercenary as an update that would b so awesome

  6. although it's missing something that the first ps2 killzone had idk maybe it's nastalgia a blast from the past

  7. I thought I would buy kill zone shadow fall on Xbox One, but this game is too expensive I keep going to GameStop and looking for that game. What should I do?

  8. Impulse-bought this and Arkham Knight for 5 and 12 bucks respectively. Just beat Arkham, this seems fun so far. Anyone playing multiplayer?

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