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Xbox One Live Gamertag Suggestions?


My name is Courtney and I am 19 years old. I will be getting an Xbox One soon (with my own money). But I am having a hard time deciding on what I want my gamertag to be.

I want it to be unique and creative. Something simple but epic and badass. But nothing that is really girly, just something gender neutral.

Some games I play or have played are The Sims (all), Elder Scrolls, GTA, Donkey Kong 64, Outlast, Minecraft, and more. I have mostly been a computer gamer, but also have a Wii, PS2, and a Nintendo 64.

The games I am planning to get for xbox one as of now are Titanfall, Assassin’s Creed 4, Just Dance 2014, Kinect Sports: Rivals, GTA 5, and possibly Elder Scrolls online.

I love the color blue, and also like green and purple.

My nickname is Court.

I have a Youtube channel, TheKaoteni, with gaming let’s plays currently of minecraft and sims.

Please help me! 🙂

P.S. – No numbers and random capitol/undercase letters. Just something simple.

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  1. Well, I have found names of elements on the periodic table or names of chemicals to be interesting.

    If you wish to make your own name and it is taken you can do the following:

    -Change some letters to “1337 sp33k” as in “Courtney” to “C0URTN3Y”

    (I find this rather unoriginal, but useful if you are stuck)

    -Put a prefix in front of your gamertag.

    Spaces are allowed, so you could do “The ” or a title of a clan or something personal.

    -Personal things are also original.

    You could do something only you and friends/family know, such as an inside or running joke.

    I also suggest against purchasing an Xbox One at this time. I still have my Xbox 360 Slim and many more games to discover and play. You can pick up an Xbox 360 console at a good price now, such as the E for $170.

    Remember, the price of the Xbox One will only go down, so the longer you wait, more games will come out and the price will lower.

  2. Sorry can’t come up with a name for u but if u playing Gta 5 online send me a invite on xbox 360 Gamertag: hitmannik17

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