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xbox one headset not working?


My headset that came with my xbox doesn’t

Work It works for skype but nothing else my cod ghosts also doesn’t work for it it shows that icon that im talking but people cant hear me and I cant hear them my privacy setting are enabled for chatting and also i tried holding the power button someone told me it switches the mode anyway help plz

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  1. it could be some how on mute on a button some were, the mode might not be supported by skype which is why its not working, i suggest looking for volume buttons mute buttons, maybe no one is replying (maybe try with a friend, if you have not already) im unsure of COD’s settings but your problem may be its not detecting your mic or not auto selecting it as the one you want to use, so look through sound or microphone settings for anything like that, that could be the problem then also maybe the xbox ones microphone settings, hope this helps im not to informed on much of this :/ so this may not be useful at all but give it a try man, best of luck 😀

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