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XBOX Live Silver?


Is XBOX Live Silver free? Can you play anytime or do you have to play with Gold, and how much is Gold?

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  1. Xbox Live Silver is free, but it doesen’t allow you to play online. all it lets you do basically is access the marketplace, and it lets you exchange messages with other members.

    If you want to play online, then you need to upgrade to gold.

    Gold costs $50.00 for 12 months.

  2. xbox silver is free and also gold if free for a month so if u want 2 u can have xbox live for free byy creating a new account every month by using the free month if u intrested in that. u pay no price and when the month is up.new account. the only thing is u lose ur gamescore everytime u get a new account so if u like getting accheviments or never switching accoutns just pay.

  3. Xbox silver just means you can’t play games online but can still play them. On silver you can still speak to people thou who are on your friends list.

    1 month – £5

    3 month – £15

    1 year – £35 or £40

    Play.com is where to get it for £35

    If you never play your games online there’s no point of getting gold

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