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Xbox Live question part 2?


Say my gold account runs out. If I renew the subscription using a gold card after my account runs out, will my memory and gamerscore be erased if I renew it under the same gamertag? (since that gamertag will be considered an offline account and I will renew it with the same gamertag.) also if I renew it with a different gamertag will my memory and gamerscore be erased?

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  1. if you renew that one, you keep everything; game saves, game unlockes, gamerscore

    but if u get a new gamertag, u start at 0 everything for that gamertag, while old gamertag still has everything

    u can change name for 800 microsoft points

  2. I waited a couple of weeks after my account ran out before I renewed my account just because I wasn’t playing. I put in another 12 months and still had all of my gamerscore, as well as all of my in-game multiplayer unlocks for that gamertag. If you set up a new account, obviously everything will be have to be re-done for that account including your single-player campaigns unless you play with the no-longer XBL gold account.

    You could change your gamertag but it costs something like 800 M$ points, and that is the only way to keep your gamerscore and unlocks while changing your name.

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