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Xbox live or an iPod touch?


cause i got 117$ on me right now, i have to buy a router in order 4 me to get xbox live nd thats 50$ nd i also could buy a game which is 60$

but all my friends told me to save up cause i really want an iPod touch but the problem is that i dont got enough for the iPod and im a have to wait about 6 or 7 months to atleast get 100$ which is still not enough for the iPod and im really impatient so what should i do? 4 best answer =)

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  1. xbox 360, because for the ipod touch, you still have to buy music. think of it like that, or you can download the music illegaly

  2. i would saget the router and game cause you said your impattient if you will wait 6-10 months the ipod touch i think would be out of style

    if you jus want music jus get a cheap mp3 for bout 10 bucks

    also if you cant get 100 dollars in 6 months why wont you sell some stuff that what i do and i get like 30 dollars a week and im only a 12 year old kid

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