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Xbox hdd hackr question?


I have a 4 gb slim model , so i bought and old xbox 360 hard drive 60 gb.

I took the hard drive out of the case. And put it in my xbox slim.

However it only shows up with 20gb i can use

I aleady formatted it.

Would i need hdd hackr to use the full 60gb

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  1. It doesnt need to be formated as it is already a xbox 360 HDD. If The HDD case says it is a 60gb HDD but the xbox only says 20gb then you got ripped of man. Sorry but i mess with technology for a living so i kinda know what im talking about

  2. the 60 gb one probably has stuff on it?

    i dont understand. you cant use original xbox 360 hdd with the slim console if by case you mean the grey outer than. well you just threw your 50 bucks out the window.

    its probably a bit overkill but i know in my store they have the slim HDDs for sale, the special 320gb starwars console ones (the starwars console isnt out yet though).

    plus you werent using your brain when getting xbox slim (the new black kindect release one?) you should have spent the extra what ever it was and got the 250gb one.

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