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Xbox 360 Wireless Options?


I just got a 360 w/ Halo, and I’ve borrowed my cousin’s wireless adapter, so I’ve been able to play. When I had to give it back, however, it turns out that I can’t get a solid connnection to Xbox Live (our wired internet is a little messed up.)

I took a look at the cost of an official Wireless Adapter, and I was shocked to see the $100 price tag.

My question is this. Does the 360 only work with the wireless adapter supplied by Microsoft, or is there a cheaper, equally effective method that still allows me to go wireless? If you know what the product is called, could you give me names and advice?

Thanks in Advance!

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  1. My wife is a Circuit City manager, and she says there is really only one other wireless option for the 360. It is by Linksys, and has one big advantage over the Microsoft version. it is compatible with multiple platforms. So if you have others systems that you need to go wireless with, you can do so without cluttering up your space with multiple adaptors. Unfortunately it costs $100 as well. It is newer, and it’s existence might cause some competition and eventual price drop, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. See link below.

  2. well Microsoft wants to make money so they would may bee make it only work with the wireless adapters. but iam selling mine for 30.00 dollars.

  3. if your router is not in cable length you have to fork over the 100 dollars. if the router is in another room, and that room ahas a t.v. in it stick it in there because it is alot easier to hook the ethernet cable up to that.

  4. Other options are available, its just a matter of finding them. Circuit City and Best Buy seem to advertise more expensive products than the inexpensive products. Because of this, I can’t find the prices online. But one alternative to the “official wireless adapter” is a Linksys WET54G ($89 @ amazon).

    The setup of this should be similar (if not, better) as my older version of this product, the WET11B. Set up of it is:

    1) Give power to the adapter

    2) Plug an ethernet cable provided into an open spot on your router

    3) Pop in the software within the CD

    4) The software will search for the product and then allow you to configure it to match your network settings

    5) Once this is done, unplug the ethernet cable and power plug, then move it close to your Xbox 360

    6) Plug the ethernet cable into the spot on the Xbox 360 and power the adapter

    7) Turn on the Xbox 360 and test the internet connection

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