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Xbox 360 red rings. Will I get my system back if I send it in to be fixed?


I have a feeling I will be getting my 3 red rings soon and I’m woundering if I send it into microsoft to be fixed will they fix it and send it back to me or will they send me a new different 360 cus I have mine custum modded and I don’t want to lose that.

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  1. When I had to send mine back, they sent me a completely different refurbished one. I agree with the 1st answerer sell it on e-bay and get a new one. The only thing you’ll get back from Microsoft is one that’s going to break again anyway.

  2. they could sue you for modded hardware. they probably would contact you and tell you some crap that translates to “we’re not gonna fix ur xbox cuz u modded it.” sorry mate

  3. soz to say! as soon as you have touched it in any way i.e opened it microsoft will not fix it as you have broken the warranty!

  4. Maybe you should read up on this yourself.

    Anyway, if you’ve modded it, you’ve voided your warranty, so you’re going to have to pay to fix it, either to MS, or to a local home theater repair shop (check the phone book).

    MS charges about $100 to fix a broken 360.

  5. end it away dont seell it on ebay waste of time yul just end up getting it sent back to you everything is paid for mate also try this site gives free xbox consoles just fill out offers

    enjoy mate hope i helped

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