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Xbox 360 E74 error. Can I get it replaced where I brought it?


I’ve had my 360 for under a year and it just came up with a 1 red light E74 error. I’ve tried unplugging everything but that hasn’t worked.

What I want to know is can I take it back to Game where I brought it, or do I have to send it to Microsoft?

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  1. go to this website

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    click on the option which is your problem.

    it will tell you want to do and if it doesn’t work they will tell you that you need to get it repaired

  2. I had the E74 message, and I also bought my xbox from GAME, when I took it back to them they replaced it and gave me a new one, but I did have GAME cover on it, so if you don’t, they may not be able to replace it, having said that, you may as well try, cause you might

  3. It depends on how new it is, after 90 days, you have to ship to microsoft. Just call them and let them know, they’ll do everything

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    try these sites for more info, but it seems bleak, go to game and kick up a stink.

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