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Why does my PS3 present a pink and green tint with every game I play now?


I try to play a game and everything is tinted pink and green. I have adjusted every setting I could find and still I have no answer. The television its connected to presents everything else normal so I assume its my machine, which is only now a year old.

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  1. I had the same problem.first it is your system. When i sent it into sony I was told that a video chip had been knocked out of place. If I were you i would contact sony as soon as possible and if it is under warranty still they will either fix your system or send you money or a gift card for anther system.

  2. Some reasons that could happen:

    ) you’re using component video, and some of the cables are cross-connected. That always throws the color out of whack cause each of the 3 cables is for a particular color.

    ) you’ve got an HDTV and it’s got RGB to “limited” instead of “full.” Try setting it to full.

    ) try using the component super-white option.

  3. Could be the HDMI cable, or any other video wires. Make sure they are connected properly, and are not damaged.

    Bring the machine to a friend’s house and try it there.

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