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Which new ps3 game should I buy next?


I have:

Grand Theft Auto IV


Army of Two

Need For Speed Pro Street.

Is it worth buying Grand Tourismo 5?

Does Metal Gear Solid 4 have multiplayer?

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  1. Dead Space, the best horroe game there is, forget those other fake one. To play this one you are also going to need a diaper.lol.

    You should also try fallout 3. It’s set on post apocalyptic Washington D.C. The environments are huge and you can go anywhere you see in the game. Plus there is over 100 hours of gameplay

    Call of Duty World At War. Forget those people, who always are complaining that it’s in world war 2. I can tell you they probably liked it when they played it. This game is like next gen world war 2, Pure Fun and Excitement.

    Now, all those games I have told you were one of the top this and year in scoring and sales.

    MGS4 does have online, but from my point it’s not really that good. But the ingle player is awesome.

    I don’t know much about Gran Turismo 5, maybe you can get Resident Evil 5 or Street Fighter 4(might be game of the year)

  2. Yeah Metal Gear Solid has Online. I haven’t played it though. The single player is really good though I would definitely recommend it

  3. Well some really good games you should try out is

    Metal Gear Solid 4 (Best game for any next-gen console)

    Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

    MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

    Killzone 2 (comes out feb 27, 09)

    as of right now i am thinking about street fighter 4.

  4. Uncharted was short but fun, Fallout 3, Metal Gear Solid 4 (yes it does have multiplayer) Burnout Paradise, Elder Scrolls 4, Resistance 2, Dead Space

  5. Metal Gear Solid 4 has online though, not multiplayer co-op.

    Gran Turismo 5 isn’t out yet, only the Prologue which isn’t worth it.

    Also wait til February for Killzone 2, best shooter of 2009 and possibly Game of the Year. Pre order at Gamestop so you can play the Demo in Feb 3, which is 3 weeks before the launch date [Feb 27]

  6. Yes MGS4 has online and is quite fun(the guy that says it doesn’t obviously doesn’t have it. Don’t believe me watch a video on youtube of some mgs4 online gameplay), I think racing games are a waste of 60 bucks. Get something else or save up for Killzone2 this Febuary

  7. No, Metal Gear Solid 4 does not have multiplayer. Just one player.

    I say buy Resistance 2, it is my favorite game, besides GTA IV. Its a really good game with awesome graphics. It has a good story mode and has easy contols. Buy it.

    Yea, Grand Tourismo 5 is a good racing game, but not as good as Resistance 2.

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