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Whats the best PS3 internet connection setup?


What would you recommend in the fastest internet provider, modem or router thing and how close it should be, if i should directly conbect and how, for the best overall internet speed of my PS3 to download games?
Also what service provider do thinks the best at this also it should be connect not conbect

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  1. Honestly, I recommend a wired connection versus a wireless connection simply because wireless connections are unable when you are playing online and the gaming is intense!

    From a speed standpoint, I’d recommend at the minimum a 1mb connection but the higher of course is better!

    Personally I’m on cable broadband and my connection speed is 10meg and I use a wired connection and I hardly experience any lag when I play online!

  2. Go for a wired connection it will ALWAYS be more stable that a wifi one.

    Re service providers, I’m with Sky and have no problems, generally just find an unlimited provider and that doesn’t throttle bandwidth at peak/busy times.

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