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What is a good replacement PS3 hard drive?


My PS3 has come to that point where it has no more space. and I am looking for a new replacement. My PS3 is a slim with a 160gb. Can anyone recommend any new hard drives?


-SATA 2.5″

-5400 RPM or 7200 RPM

-16mb or more cache

-250gb or more (the more the better)

-has to cost $90 or less

-hard drive has to be refurbished or new

and also, is this one any good? [url is not allowed]

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  1. PS3 160 GB Hard Drive Upgrade Kit upgrade is very nice. It brings my PS3 up to the current system (on the store shelf) storage capacity.The mechanical install was a piece of cake. The only tool needed is a small phillips screwdriver. Getting the hard drive or my system to function (post install) was a different story. When I removed the old hard drive and installed the new one, my operating system stopped working.

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