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What has Activision done!?!?


Okay, so i haven’t been on mw3 for AWHILE and apparently there’s been a new map added previously from mw2. I’ve gone to the play station store downloaded both of the free downloads the one with face-off and the new map, terminal. I’ve opened up the game and I’ve tried to play team defender, it didn’t work. I’ve tried every single game on standard playlist and it says downloadable content blah blah blah. But i already downloaded the map so it should be working fine! Although face off is working perfectly fine!?!? WTF?

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  1. not everything you download installs properly or even downloads fully , it happens all the time that downloads get corrupted or game data does

    either download again and install it to see if that works or you have to re-download the entire game data because if there is a bad file installed in will affect your games install , updates and dlc

    you might need to delete the game data , restart the game until it installs and updates , then quit and get all dlc again.

    it;s not activisions problem , your internet conenction was just bad at some point when you updated or downloaded dlc

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