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what brand of TV for PS3?


I have a PS3 looking to buy new tv. I am looking into buying a Sony Bravia 32″. Is that a good choice?.

I thank you for any advice

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  1. As long as the TV has a high resolution and is capable of 1080p, go for it. But if your TV isn’t that huge, 720p will be enough to display details.

  2. i have a samsung 32″ hdtv with my ps3 and it looks great. cost me 499.99 with 4 yrs warranty great deal.you should buy that one

  3. Sony Bravia would be a great choice. If you can just stretch your budget and can get a TV that would give Full HD then the difference would be immense. As you might know that the PS3 is capable of Full HD, a Full HD TV would be the ultimate companion to your PS3. A 32″ LCD would only manage to give out at max 1080i which is less as compared to a Full HD TV(1080P).

    If you can’t afford one, then you can even look in the PLASMA direction. In fact PLASMAS are better than LCD to play games as they have a really less response time which is essential for gaming. Also, plasma have better depths in colour(as compared to standard LCD(the Bravia for eg). If you get a SHARP LCD worth 4000$, then obviously it will have great color depths). But the main drawback with plasma is that you can’t get it in a smaller size(only 40″ and above). But who cares they are cheaper to buy.

    The brands to choose are as follows:

    LCD: Sony & Samsung.

    PLASMA: Hitachi & Panasonic.

    P.S.:Even if you buy the Bravia, you will get an awesome picture so don’t think much.

  4. pretty simple f u have a hd cable it will make the graphics look amazing and there no more point spending hundreads on a tv just to get that little extra bit of graphics which is barly notcible

  5. Don’t buy plasmas. They consume a lot of power, generate more heat and, most importantly, they don’t last as long as LCD. Samsung is the best. The funny thing is that Sony and Samsung produce their LCD screens on the same factory, but Sony is more expensive just because of the brand. I own 6th generation 32″ Full-HD Samsung and it’s very good. Special options for gaming.

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