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uncharted or oblivion?ps3?


i want to get both games but i can only get one, so can you tell me which one ill enjoy more. i already have call of duty 4 and nba live 08 and so could u give a small review of either game thanks.

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  1. Drakes Fortune is a single player action/adventure game. The graphics are great and it’s pretty fun, but it doesn’t have a lot of replay value. People have campared it to Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones in one

    Oblivion is a single player fantasy/roleplaying game. It has a main quest that can be done at the players discretion with tons of other side quests. There is a lot more you can with oblivion since the landmass if fairly big.

    If you like sanbox style of play, go with Oblivion. If you just want to plow through a game with guns and some puzzle and action aspects, go with Drake’s Fortune.

  2. I seriously don’t know why Oblivion won GOTY. That game SUCKS!! My friend tried to convince me to play it, and I swear I tried, but its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. boring. I cannot even say how boring it is.

    Uncharted has the awesomest graphics for PS3. I played the demo about 15 times and just can’t get enough of the beauty of it.

    For other ideas of good games for PS3 try Call of Duty 4 and Assassin’s Creed.

  3. Well I just got a 60 gig today (I got really lucky, i just stumbled upon it while looking for an 80 gig) and I bought uncharted. Im gonna play tomorrow. My friend has it and he loves it.

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