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Two Red Lights xbox 360?


My xbox shut off in the middle of a session, I can’t tell what the problem is, it’s laying horizontally on it’s side and the two lights are on the left.

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  1. haha. this happened to mine. I got the 2 lights and it has nothing to do with how it’s laying. it’s a common problem.

    2 options. send it in to microsoft and wait a month to get it back. since it’s not the 3 red lights it’s going to cost you $100 +

    or buy this guide, it’s a video tutorial shot professionally. they literally fix an xbox 360 with whatever problem you have, while you fix yours. you just follow along.

    check it out: tinyurl.com/ycccwp2

  2. Whether you are getting 2 red lights or 3 red lights, this is not a good situation. You need to learn the basics of how to fix this. You can educate more on this by learning some basic articles. I am a regular reader of xbox repair tips site and I found one good one for you:

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