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Should I put the pennies in Xbox 360 Motherboard?


I saw two different videos on how to fix the ring of death one of the videos shows the you need to put the pennies on the four chips on the motherboard and the other video says that you don’t need to put the pennies. So Should I put the pennies or not? and What will be the consequences for not putting the pennies?.

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  1. I would recommend using the pennies. I have seen several ways to fix them and when I fixed mine I didn’t even use pennies. I used a separate fix. If you need more ideas, message me and I can help you. But, if you are using the technique you are, I would recommend the pennies.

  2. YES, the copper is a good insulator for heat and make sure the screws are on tightly so they dont rattle around. this fix has worked for me and my friends

  3. There are many temporary fixes like that, but that isn’t a permanent solution to the RROD. Once you open your xbox though Microsoft will not fix it. And I don’t just mean under warranty, even if you try to pay, they’ll just send it back.

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