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Should I pay for an Xbox Live Gold membership with Netflix streaming?


I honestly don’t care about video games, I only want Netflix streaming on my xbox. The thing is that I have to pay for an Xbox Live gold membership which costs $50/year and then I have to pay $9.99/month for the netflix service. Is it worth it?

I should have gotten a blu-ray player with netflix streaming it would have been much cheaper.

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  1. people make a big fuss about the xboxlive fee.it’s $50 for 13 months or you can do $20 for 3 months or a monthly card which is $8.I have no problems paying it because the services that xboxlive offers you are unmatched,and that’s not an opinion,its a fact.and the $8 a month for netflix more than pays for itself and is beyond easy to use.say you go to the video store once a week and rent 2 or 3 movies,well a rented movie is around $4,so your spending anywhere from $4 to $12 a week renting movies,but with netflix $8 a month for unlimited watching.I don’t think people realize this,but “blu-ray” is just a brand of dvd,sort of like honda is a brand of a card.blu-ray is 1080p and so are the movies on xboxlive.1080p that’s as good as it gets,there is no difference in the two.blu-ray is just a physical disc which plays 1080p where as xboxlive is 1080p streaming or dowloaded to your hardrive forever.I have both and the xboxlive with zune last.fm and netflix is the way to go for me.collecting disc just seems like to much of a hassle anymore.

  2. why do u have an xbox then? i have netflix and in my opinion most of the netflix streaming movies arent good. if you can, hook up ur comp to the tv n stream off the comp. i dont think it would be worth it to buy xbox live for streaming of netflix.

  3. I love gaming, and thats why I got mine, but if you want it just for the netflix, get a DVD player that can stream netflix.

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