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Should I get a ps3 or a ps vita?


I have two options for an Xmas present ps3 and ps vita. There are pros and cons. Some pros for the ps3 good graphics and uncharted 3. Some pros for ps vita is mobility and good graphics but a con is the touch gameplay.

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  1. ps3 has lots of games blueray and great cntroll but isint portable psp vita dosent have alot of games but is porable

  2. these are 2 different systems, ps3 has been out longer so almost all of the bugs have been takin out and fixed. ps vita hasnt come out in the US and will have loads of bugs and japan already has problems. 2nd the touch screen controls are great intergrated with the new system and from the people who have used it say it is a great new inovation.

  3. well lets go over it. ps3 has MANY games, and great graphics, and many players online. the vita is coming out soon and ive read EVERYTHING about it. alot of good ps3 games are being ported to it. yu can actually play people on your vita who are using their ps3. there are cool things like the augmented reality put in it where yu can scan real life thaings to use as backgrounds and race tracks and such. also if yu are like me with doing custom firmware for the older psp, they are making a cfw for the vita that will allow ps2, ds, and nintendo 64 games 100% speed. so its all on you

  4. Playstation 3. it has way more games, better graphics, better games, a blu ray player, better multiplayer, and the vita is only out in japan, and will be coming to America a little under 2 months from christmas. Plus the vita is handheld, the Playstation 3 can be played on a huge hd tv. they’re both awesome though.

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