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Repost! XBL Gold 1 month Member ship question!?



Don’t all new XBOX 360 comes with 1 month XBOX live GOLD membership?

I just bought it like an hour ago

It is absolutely brand new

I bought it from Bestbuy

When I first started it up. I pressed Migrate my XBL account.Cause I already created a Gamertag before I got the xbox. is that what went wrong?

Now I only have the Free Silver Membership

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  1. Its not really a NEW Xbox, as much as a NEW Xbox Live GamerTag.

    When You sign up for a new GamerTag you get a month free.

    Was this an old GamerTag or a brand NEW One?

  2. i just want to clarify the first poster is smoking the crazy cigarette. the silver account is free, there isn’t a subscription model tied into it.

    when i bought my 360 and moved my gamertag over i came across a bunch of problems as well.

  3. First you have to start playing the game and then go to multiplayer online. NO GAMES COME WITH 1MONTH MEMBERSHIPS! NO GAMES DO!

  4. Yes, thats the problem. The free gold trial only applies for new created accounts. Not migrated ones. Only the accounts created new.

  5. That’s only if you are creating a new account and connecting to Live for the first time. Since you migrated your account, you can’t get the free month without making a whole new gamertag. After creating a new one, it will ask you if you want Silver or Gold. Choose Silver and it will ask if you want to try a month of Gold for free. You can do this up to 3 times on a console, but you need to make a new account for each free month you want. This was done to let people who share an Xbox all try Live Gold.

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