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Recruiting Players For A Mw3 Clan?


Hey guys/gals! My name is Isaac and i am currently recruiting some clan members! I have already posted a clan message in the clan forum section but I figured it would help to put it in here to. So right to the point. I am the clan leader of “our” clan. I own elite premium membership also. Our clans name is Invisible Eagles. It is currently named this because we are sneaky, stealthy and swoop down like predators killing everything in sight! This clan is fairly new (obviously why i am recruiting). We would like players who own free elite or better yet premium elite to join us. I am 13 years old if that matters. I own a mic and it would be nice if you did too. Oh it would be great to mention that this is a Playstation 3 clan ONLY! I feel stupid almost forgetting that part. There are three rules to my clan. #1- Respect players, #2- Participate! You must participate if you want to level our clan up! DUH! and finally, #3- Just have plain old FUN! Down below is the link to our call of duty elite page.

ELITE PAGE- [url is not allowed]

Please Join today! For further info you can add Awesome_Ike11 on Playstation 3. Thanks! Have a good day!
Invisible Eagles

Read more: [url is not allowed]

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