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PS3 slim help?!?


Alright so I recently received a ps3 slim from a friend( I REALLY want to play TLOU) and it wasn’t until today I plugged it in and tried to play it. At first the playstation would have the red standby light and I’d go to turn the console on and it would be green for a few seconds and then turn off and there would be no light at all. I started this process at like 8 tonight, it’s now 1:30 am. After looking up all over the internet and watching hours upon hours of youtube videos, trying as many things as I could before opening it up. Nothing was working. So then there were all these videos on turning the PFC and OCP screws in the power supply. ( I have an APS-306 model) the first video I watched was the same model as mine and said to turn the top one (PFC) all the way to the left and then to turn the OCP to the right or something of that sorts (this was hours ago) well I did, and thought I was all good and now the ps3 won’t turn on at all. No standby light or anything. I don’t remember how they were originally and everything else is in order, and I’ve turned them every which way. Someone PLEASEEEEE help 🙁

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  1. UPDATE: I did get it back to how it was before! Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?! It’s back with the standby light and turning off after a few seconds.

  2. That’s a system hardware problem, probably something to do with the motherboard. You should *never* mess with something unless you know *exactly* what you’re doing. At this point you’re better off just getting a new PS3.

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