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PS3 please i need help?


HI all i have a question is there any difference between the 60 GB and the 80 GB do both do the same stuff and do they both play PS1 PS2 and PS3 and blue ray DVD and if i forgetting anything please tell me but please answer fast.
where can i find the 60 GB and how much money is it please i need your help very badly.

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  1. yes they are the same other then the 20 gb of space(which is worth more then the $100 extra) they are the same i had the same worries when i went to buy mine, at age 16 you want to make sure you are gettin the best for your money any these do the same its just a matter if how bad you want or need that extra 20 gb of space

  2. for the 80 gig, i think you have to download something off the Playstation store (free) to play PS2 and PS1 games. for the 60, you don’t need anything, but it has 20 gigs less.

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