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i am so sick and tired of sony saying there doing all they can to fix it because if they were they would have it back up already. if u notice in the updates it says we are doing everything we can and thank you for your patience i disagree personally i think they arent doing anything because they can use this as an excuse to get work off for easter i bet that psn will be down all weekend and magically be up right away monday morning if u agree with me that this is total bs the comment and tell me what u think cause this is pathetic 3 and a half days of no psn wow PATHETIC i dont care who the group anoyonomos or how ecer the f#*& u spell it is sony is smarter and should be able to fix it WOW

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  1. It’s been over two days since this outage. There’s no patenice left. I think we’ve all had it. We can’t go on netflix or games like black ops. The worst part is that this is spring break! Im sick of this!

  2. The latest update says that the problem is in Japan. seeing as how they just had a earthquake, tsunami and almost a nuclear meltdown a month ago. I would give them some time to sort themselves out. Maybe something got damaged? Now stop moaning, the Japanese aren’t invincible and have better things to do like finding bodies and loved ones rather than keeping up PSN

  3. This is bullshit.I’m tired of waiting i been googling & yahooing posts to see if anybody knows 🙁

    I would call customer service but i don’t want any of the answers to be misrepresented. I’d rather wait =/ I wanna kill a zombitch ugh.

  4. I just called Sony the customer service peolple claim they don’t kno when the psn will be bk up thn thy have the nerve to say thx for ur patience. To hell with patience im Angry

  5. Will psn is down Becuz some 19 year is being sued Becuz he hack a xp lobby in cod modern warfare 2 and he got pissed and hacked psn

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