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Ps3 firmware update 1.80 and Upscaling?


question 1.) Since now you can upscale any dvd into a 1080p resoultion, why would any body buy blu-ray anymore? I mean I love blu-ray and all but is there any difference between a blu-ray 1080p display or a standard defition dvd that has been upscaled to 1080p?

question 2.) If you’ve never downloaded any of the previous firmware sofware upgrades for the ps3 and you download the newest one 1.80 will it come with all the previous ones or do you have to download all the other previous ones? And if you do, where can you find all the past updates.

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  1. Question 1: The upconverter will improve the image quality of the DVD by interpolation, but you are taking a 720×480 image and creating a 1920×1080 image out of it. It will not look near the quality of a 1080p blu-ray disc. night and day difference. The PS3 (or any) player cannot actually create new information, though.

    Question 2: Yes – it will come with all the previous updates.

  2. 1. Upscaled DVDs do look better than non-upscaled DVDs, but they still don’t have the resolution that a Blu-ray movie will. It’s just like PS2 vs. PS3 games–PS2 games may look better on an HDTV when upscaled, but they’re still nowhere near the quality of a PS3 game.

    2. Yes, when you get a new PS3 all you have to do is download the latest upgrade and all the features of the earlier ones will be included.

  3. 1. there is a ton of difference between a blu-ray movie (native 1080p) and upscaled dvd (upscaled 1080p). ive used the upscaler on my ps3 and it doesn’t look nearly as good as blu-ray, but still better than dvd. heres why, with upscaling all the player does is make the number of pixels match the number of pixels on tv. so basically it will just double/triple certain pixels to make it look better. with blu-ray all the pixels are all different, which will provide a much clearer picture, with much more detail. go put a blu-ray and dvd in your ps3 and see for yourself.

    2. if you havn’t downloaded the previous ones, you are fine to just go ahead in download 1.8, it comes with everything, it might take a little longer though.

  4. question 1 is a good one. i dont know the answer to that. but on question 2, yes, if you never updated until now, you will have all the previous updates. i am gonna keep an eye on this question and see what you get as an answer.

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