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ps3 and xbox360 please help?


ps3 and xbox360,which of these game consoles plays more call of duty modernwarfare2 online

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  1. Ps3 Pros:

    1) Quiet

    2) Motion sensitive controllers

    3) You can use any Bluetooth headset, keyboard, mouse, etc.

    4) Blu-ray

    5) Lack of flashing lights on front of machine!

    6) Built in wi-fi card

    7) HDMI included

    8) Free Online Community and Game Play

    9) Tech support speaks english and appears to be located in America, they understood my name and my question.

    10) Controllers come with built in rechargable battery and can be charged with any usb port.

    11) easy to navigate menus

    12) No ridiculous power brick, one cord, if you want to take your ps3 with you somewhere you only need the controller, the unit and the power cord.

    Ps3 Cons:

    1) No IR receiver, you can’t use your regular universal remote to control the ps3 you need a bluetooth which means an extra remote.

    2) Shape, this one sounds stupid, but the rounded shape of the ps3 really annoys me because you can’t stack, say your wii, or even lay your remotes on top of the unit. (maybe you shouldn’t do that anyhow LOL)

    3) Less games, or at this point I guess the better point would be less games made for the ps3, instead of built for the xbox and ported to the ps3, this is however changing and in the future will be less of an issue.

    Xbox 360 Pros:

    1) Great online setup, lots of features which some may miss on the ps3, many probably will not

    2) great game line up with a head start on ps3

    3) Easy to navigate menus

    4) Native Netflix Support

    Xbox 360 Cons:

    1) Noise

    2) Build Quality ( i don’t have enough time with my ps3 to comment on build quality, but it appears to be well made)

    3) Online service is $50 per year.

    4) Tech support, I have called xbox live support several times, it is impossible to get them to understand what the issue is or even my name, I even gave up once.

    PlayStation 3

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    Xbox 360 Console

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  2. Call of Duty:MW2 has sold 7 million copies on the PS3, and 9.5 million copies on the Xbox 360. So there are ~ 30% more 360 players than PS3.

  3. Chris pretty much nailed it. If you want to play online check what your friends have.probably an XBawks. I have a PS3, I just want the console with superior graphics and gaming experiences, and really the online experience depends on the game as each one has there own server space they purchase. Some are good and rarely have issues others have more. I will say there is a misconception about the PS3 having chronic problems, I play a ton of games online for the past 2 years I have never not been able to connect if my internet was working. Yes some matches end bc of host connectivity but thats online gaming. The network itself is quite good.

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