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ps2 error reading memory card?


This is really complicated, please bear with me. Okay so, I got a big fancy ps1 memory card (that has 8 times the memory of a regular memory card) because I only have ps1 games, and the games I have are Crash Team Racing, Crash Bash, Crash Bandicoot Warped, and Spyro The Dragon. When I first took it home, I played Crash Bash, and had absolutely no problem saving. I played for hours and hours and got to the final level, but I was really tired so I went to bed. The next morning, I turned it on and when I hit “load” on Crash Bash, it said there was no crash bash memory on this memory card. Then I took it out and it said it was an unformatted memory card or something. I don’t know, I just got a bunch of different errors. So then I decided to play Spyro, and had no problem saving. Turned it off, came back, and it worked. I played CTR and had no problem saving, but I decided to buy another memory card in case something was wrong with the original. Yesterday I played CTR some more and had no problem saving, but this morning it said there was an error reading the memory card. So, I took the game out, turned it back on, and looked at the files in the memory card. It has save data for all the games that I’ve played and there doesn’t seem to be any errors with the file. I thought maybe it couldn’t read that card, so I copied all the data to my other memory card and put that in, but I got the same error. Is the slot broken? Is the card broken? Is the ps2 broken? Please help. Pleeeeeease.

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  1. That happened alot with 3rd party mem cards! Best thing to do is get a Sony mem card and make back ups of your saves to that card!

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