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problem with Playstation 2?


today I turned it on for the first time in 5 days, with a disk in it, it started as normal but instead of the screen going black and then to the “playstation 2” logo, it came up with the browser and system configuration screen, as if there was no disk in there. I loaded it again and the same thing happened, and again when i tried another disk.

I noticed the green light comes on as normal, but the ps2 does not make the start up noises.or, well, any noise at all to indicate its working and loading the disk correctly.

please make my day and tell me theres just an unplugged cord i forgot about or something, PLEASE PLEASE don’t tell me its “had its days”, and that i have to buy a new one.its out of warranty 🙁

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  1. If you have one of the original PS2s, there was a design defect where one of the data ribbons tended to brush up against the DVD while it was spinning. This caused the machine to gradually destroy games. The slim-line PS2 does not have this problem. If yours is doing this, you’ll notice a thin ring around the games that it’s damaged.

    You can get a CD/DVD repair kit which should add a bit of life damaged games. Also, you might try blowing on the laser in case there is any dust on it. *However, NEVER touch the laser as you’ll leave oil from your skin on it, and good luck playing games after that.*

  2. well.did you check all the cords? Sorry to kill your day even more but mine did the same thing. i had to get a new one. i guess the system just crashed and it didnt want to read any disks. sorry! good luck! you can take it to get it fixed it shouldnt cost much.

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