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Playstation 4 coming out when?


Will there be a playstation 4 if so approx. when will it be released. Also approx. what would be the price of it?

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  1. in 2 years.most probably it will be more expensive.(should be cheaper by the way! but will not be.).inflation will destroy production prices.

    Devaluation will finish it! Sony’s monopoly / speculation.a lot of things

  2. Ok this is how I think it will go. Sony said they will have a 10 year plan for the PS3. That either means they will release a new PlayStation in 2016 [PS3 was released in 2006] or that they will discontinue it in 2016 [PS2 was out in 2000 and it is currently still selling].

    So a new PlayStation could either be released 2016 or what everyone is saying, 2012. Why people say 2012 is because most new consoles become released 5-7 years after the old one has been released.

    For instance:

    PS2 was released in 2000, and Ps3 was released in 2006.

    Xbox was released in 2001, Xbox 360 released in 2005.

    Gamecube released in 2001, Wii in 2006.

    So if you look into that PS2 had 6 years, Xbox 4 years, Gamecube 5 years. Average that, about 5 years.

    Since it was 5 years, and PS3 and Wii were released in 2006, the year we think a new console would be is 2011 or 2012.
    Also in other news if your wondering.

    Nintendo said they are releasing a “Wii HD” coming out in 2011-2012.

    Microsoft has rumors of a “Xbox 720” coming out in 2011-2013.

    Sony, like I said is either around 2012-2016.

    If your into the HandHeld games then.

    Nintendo WILL release a “Nintendo DSi” coming out in Nov 2009. It IS already out in Japan.

    Sony said they are not currently interested into making a “PSP2” just yet. They could in the future though.

  3. Sony hasn’t even announced it. We can’t even tell if they’re going to make it at this point, but if we follow a simple pattern, we might get it in 2012.

    Again, Sony hasn’t said anything about it, but we might get a peek at E3 or E4All.

  4. sony said that they are not making any new games systems for a while but you might see a slim ps3 in about a year and ps4 maybe around 2020

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