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Play downloaded games on ps3?


i want to download ps3 games and play em on my ps3. I heard you had to burn them onto dvd or blue ray disks or somethin.or is there a way to put em on the h-d? I know all about the psp homebrew scene. Are there any programs I have to download to play downloaded ps3 games? Please people, any information would do wonders for me.

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  1. When you download a PS3 game from the Playstation Store, there is no need for a disk to put it on. It is already on your PS3 hard drive and in HD( depending on if the developer made it in HD). You can play downloaded PS3 games directly from your PS3, no disk needed.

  2. .Wow okay. When you download a game it goes onto the hard drive. And it goes under the game section. Sheesh. You don’t even need to worry about backing them up because when you download a game in the playstation store it has a download list so you can always go back and re download it if need be.

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