Home Xbox Forum my xbox360 doesn’t read 90% of discs?

my xbox360 doesn’t read 90% of discs?


The problem is simple but i wanted to make sure what the issue is.

firstly i have bought some games yesterday then got to my home to eventually try and copy ’em to my hard disk then i encountered problem with that it was saying the dvd is scratched in different periods sometimes after it completes 20% / 30% / 50% and so on, then after many tries and real struggle i managed to copy two games but then all of the sudden everything became ugly whenever i put a dvd and close the tray it says :

1 – open tray “so in fact it’s not seeing that there is an actual damned dvd inside it”

2 – play dvd “so it’s not recognizing the dvd as a game but something else like a movie or something”

3 – play game ” but the picture of the game doesn’t show up so it’s not possible to open the game or copy it to the hard disk as when i press Y there is no response at all

I bought my xbox360 4 months ago is it naturally and normal for the laser lens to be damaged? even though everything was working perfectly before i try to copy these recent games and could the dvd in any way cause any disorder to the dvd drive

plz i want to make sure what to do because i’m pulling my hair out i’m not that expert in these things but i have a little bit decent background but it’s always better to get the advices from the experts

could it be not a lens issue?

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  1. 1) open your disk dirve and blow in. there may be traped dust covering the lens

    2) Clean your disk with soft material. NEVER clean your disks going round in cercels. this can damage it. start from one edge wiping across (gently) to the other edge and continue this step till te whole disk has been wiped down.

    3) get your disk cleaned. in some shopping centres you can get your disks clean profensionally for about £1.

    Try all of these. i hopeit works out cause this can be frustration. i have had the same problem. im sorry for bad spelling aswell. lol.

    Good Luck!!

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