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MW3: How to level up faster tips?


Ok so I recently lost my account (was 2nd prestige level 75) due to some corrupted files. Now i made a new one and have been trying to rush through it, but i’m only level 21 with over an hour of gameplay. How do i level up faster? I’ve been so off my game and have no tokens :'( Please help! Any ideas, tips would help (game modes, etc.) Thank you all!

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  1. I don’t understand how you could lose your account due to corrupted files. The info for multiplayer is saved online, not on the PS3, so if you log into your account, and sign into multiplayer, it should be there. But basically, what I did to level up quick was complete daily and weekly challenges first, and then go through and complete other random challenges. I found domination was a good game mode to play for me, cause I could get lots of kills, and therefore also complete more challenges faster. Good luck!

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