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just got xbox 360 and want to play call of duty game live. witch one shoud i buy. 2, 3 4 or?



  1. Just buy the most latest one, which would be Call of Duty 4 or that 5th one they’ve been talking about. There won’t be too many people playing the first couple of versions, so stick with the crowd.

  2. Buy CoD 4 its the best in the series in my opinion and will have the most players online out of those 3 games, its very addictive

  3. It really depends on how much you want to spend and what you want out of the game. If you want one with a lot of online players then it would be beneficial to buy Call Of Duty World At War. Yes the guns are different which makes you learn how to use them correctly. But if you want to play online why would you go spray and pray so to speak? Call of duty 4 is “modern” with the guns but not many people will be on it with World At War being out. I have played both online and single player I would say go with World At World. Now for single player they are both very short like every Call of Duty game.

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