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Is this PS3 Controller legit?


*Hey guys, I was thinking about purchasing a Dualshock 3 controller from a guy on Craigslist. He’s selling various colors for $40 each. They’re supposedly brand-new and in their original packaging. I asked the guy where he’d purchased it from, and he told me he buys them in “bulk” orders. Nonetheless, he sent me a picture of one of his products.

– [url is not allowed]

Does it seem like a “genuine” Sony controller?

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  1. I could’ve sworn the “Dual Shock 3” text on the package was usually blue. Also the background on the red parts has PS3 buttons symbol patterns.

    Here’s what a real one should look like. I got this from Amazon: [url is not allowed]

  2. the link is broken , no pic available

    only a Sony ds3 is legitimate , look at it side by side with a real one to see if it is , and get a pic of the back showing the label and info including model number ]there are counterfeit controllers being sold and they do not work on the ps3 so beware of anything to good to be true

    only a retailer can get wholesale prices , not some guy on craigslist , look at his reputation online too

    if he is legit he wouldn’t give a bs answer like i buy bulk orders , what , he gets them for $20? he is not selling them for no profit so that sounds fishy

    any seller that won’t answer questions honestly is a scammer , go somewhere else

    the best deals available are the bundles the have now , 2 games with a controller for $59

    the choices are black controller with uncharted 1 and 2 , red one with god of war psp collection for ps3 , or blue with resistance 1 and 2

    there are also the older bundles with one game included

  3. see if he can send you a photo of the black sticker on the under side of the controller. compare it to your original controllers sticker, if they are very similar such as the same amount of lines of text and has a visible fcc id or ic numbers on it it usually means its original.rip offs tend to have a box on the sticker with only a few lines of writing inside.

    there are a lot of cheap chinese rip-offs getting produced the best way to find out is to check the guts of the controller because the chinese fakes don’t have the sony logo on the inside parts, are very poorly made such as a solid circuit board instead of the sony ribbon style and the joysticks can have no touch sensitivity (they are either on all the way or not at all).

    i reckon paying the extra from a gaming store is the best way to go.

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