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Is there a problem with xbox live?


My xbox 360 broke(3 red rings) while it was connected to xbox live. all the other kids in my school had broken xboxs while connected to xbox live.

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  1. It’s just a coincidence that you were all connected to Live when they broke. Mine got the red rings when it wasn’t connected to Live. It’s a hardware failure and Live isn’t the problem.

  2. i dont think it’s xbox live its just microsoft making crappy consoles, i got the 3 red rings after i installed the new xbox experience, but if your console is in warranty just send it in and get it repaired for free.

  3. haha. no, xbox live did not cause the red ring of death. when microsoft made your 360, (and a few million other ones) they didnt do a great job, and most 360’s will one day get either red ring of death or E74 error. i was lucky enough to have red ring of death over the summer AND E74 last night on my 2nd console. so what do we do now? call microsoft @ 1800-4MY-XBOX, and register your console to have it sent in for repairs which unfortuantely take 2-3 weeks.

    hope this helps and gets best answer

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    btw, were you playing cod4 when you got rrod, cuz both times wen i got rrod and E74, i was playing cod4.

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