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Is the PS3 durable, beat up box?


When I got a new ps3 from gamestop, the box was beat up.

Also, the PS3 was already under the gamestop desk, and was not from the storage room.

Is the ps3 durable enough to survive the dents that is on the ps3 box?
Its been half a year and things seem to be fine so far.

So i can’t return it

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  1. haha * yeah it is. i watch the game stop guy smack the ps3 up while playing a game and it didnt do anything to it.

    i have dropped my ps3 multiple time and have even taken it apart.

    the damn things were made to innovate and out last all others.

    ur fine

  2. it should be.

    at least i hope so.

    the PS3 is nicely padded in the

    box so it should be fine.

    though you can take it back.


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