Home Playstation Forum Is minecraft coming to the playstation 4?

Is minecraft coming to the playstation 4?


they send notch a golden playstation so wouldnt make sence for minecraft to make its way to the playstation 4

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  1. Nope, it’s getting an Xbox One edition however.

    That doesn’t mean its out of the question, though. Don’t lose hope yet.

  2. There’s no telling. When I heard Notch’s disapproval of the Xbox One, I thought he would think about expanding the game to the PlayStations, but after E3, I guess I was wrong. Really, even if it did come to PlayStation, I won’t buy it unless if it’s possible to get it for free on PS Plus, which I’ll be getting for the PS4 for the free games, because I find that it’s fun for a short while, then all of a sudden, I feel like I would rather play with Legos instead.

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