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if your xbox gets the red rings will they send you a new one>?


my xbox has got the red rings of death and i was just gonna go out and buy another one but is it true if you send in your old xbox they will send you a new one? if so screw buying another one lol ill send it in so help plese!

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  1. Microsoft will only fix it for free if your xbox still has warranty. Each xbox has three years of warranty after you buy it. After the warranty they will fix your xbox, but for around $100. It will usually take Micosoft 2-3 weeks, and sometimes earlier, before they will send back your xbox back, and if you still have warranty, I suggest you call as soon as possible. Their number is 1-800-4MYXBOX.

  2. If it’s still under warranty yes. But if not then no. Usually rrod, you get a refurbished xbox but its just like new. If it was that easy and free, then nobody would complain about getting rrod on their xbox, since they can just get a new one.

  3. 3RL issue is covered by up to a 3 year warnty. if you are out side the warnty time i suggest buying a 360s where the equipment is placed better, a higher qauilty heat sink is used and a bigger fan is in it. and 360 s is the 360 s not the ‘slim’ just like the ‘rrod’ is something that was made up by the community. Enjoy

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